University of Applied Space Sciences [Space Engineers]

In the past 50 years humanity achieved enormous technological advancement in the field of space exploration. We have managed to unite our efforts under the United Earth (UE) government and propel our research with UE Geneva Research Agreement. We now are able to steer the flow of all of the resources on our planet towards the advancement of our species. But according to UE chancellor Pranav Mati there are challenges to us ever-still. The greatest challenge is not to lose what we now created, moreover, continue our space exploration. And to assure this we have to educate and inspire the future generation to be, create, and continue the space mission. So we are happy to present to you UE University of Applied Space Sciences (UASS).


Our vision

SpaceEngineers 2017-05-22 17-34-14-455At UASS we try to immerse our students and other inhabitants of the university in the vastness of space. University is located on the Moon and entirely imitates conditions on a spaceship, which is very important in teaching future ship captains and scientists to prepare them for future life.

I am Ivan Trunov – UASS project leader. During the process of designing the structure I wanted it to feel like you are a part of the space, the void. Like you are within it, inside, surrounded with it. Considering strong solar radiation on the Moon and the cost of impermeable glass I had to mix plain metal ceilings with glass, but from almost every part of the university you have a clear view of space. The structure is also sunken down below ground level, so less of it is open foe solar radiation.

At our university we have gathered together many of the most famous and influential astronomers and space explorers like Captain C.Prof. Kershaw who is now Dean of the university. Together we intent to bring up new generation of curious minds to foster our space age.


You can either live at the UASS or visit it using our shuttle port. Living here is a lifestyle. UASS is an enclosed space where every person is a part of the crew and have to form close relationships with both fellow students and professors. There is a large number of recreational facilities to do so.

I wanted the entire university to be a learning environment. Professors can show examples of recently taught material on the university itself

SpaceEngineers 2017-05-22 17-40-30-713


At UASS we try to have a unique approach towards teaching. We have 2 classic auditoriums with big sky-windows.



SpaceEngineers 2017-05-22 17-43-05-683

But we also have 2 moving auditoriums which we constantly use to give interesting lectures out in the open. If it is night at the university we can use moving auditoriums to make lecture at a different part of the Moon where there is day.

SpaceEngineers 2017-05-22 17-44-08-670We have a broad range of learning facilities to teach you all you need to know about whip maintenance or even their creation. In a way the university itself is a learning facility: airlocks, artificial gravity array, large nuclear reactor, exterior cargo holding facility,  conveyor system, med-bay, bridge. Everything you will encounter on a frigate class ship and bigger.

UASS is totally sustainable with a large solar panel array, hydroponics farm which also generate oxygen. University can exist independently for half a year, the standard for UE fleet ships and scientific exploration vessels.


Please see more about this section in THE FUTURE



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