Temple of the Cnalg [Space Engineers]

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University of Applied Space Sciences [Space Engineers]

In the past 50 years humanity achieved enormous technological advancement in the field of space exploration. We have managed to unite our efforts under the United Earth (UE) government and propel our research with UE Geneva Research Agreement. We now are able to steer the flow of all of the resources on our planet towards the advancement of our species. But according to UE chancellor Pranav Mati there are challenges to us ever-still. The greatest challenge is not to lose what we now created, moreover, continue our space exploration. And to assure this we have to educate and inspire the future generation to be, create, and continue the space mission. So we are happy to present to you UE University of Applied Space Sciences (UASS).

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Узник Зеленохолмгвартса и Тайная Шляпа

4С класс Zaliakalnio гимназии в Клайпеде с помощью Артема Сунцева от Incam Studio сняли мини-фильм к празднованию 100-дней до экзаменов. Я в этом фильме являюсь соавтором идеи и сценария, а также актером.