Roadside picnic

I have recently read a book by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky called “Roadside picnic”.

In this book a situation arises from aliens “visit” in which different people act differently. Some come to “zone” for money, some for scientific data, others for other reasons. The main character is stalker by profession – Rederic Shuhart. He scavanges the “zone” for artifacts to sell. By describing this situation in the novel the authors answer the main question of phylosophy – what is the purpose of life.

Anyway, that is not what I want to write about. I want to write about what it led me thinking.

I am shure there are a lot of ways of distributing people using economical, social or other variables. The way I came up with is mathematical and it uses variables that will be most explaned by the term “biologically philosophical”.


Mathematics explanes universal laws of nature. And no matter what you upply them to they work the same. So for this way of distribution I decided to use Gauss Curve.

Horisontal defines how easy one is willing to change, to explore, to know and understand. Let me call it “Progress”.

While vertical defines how many people are located on a particular place on the “Progress” line.

By doing so we see, that most of the people are in the middle, some are motors of “progress”, some are slowers of “progress”. I can find many reasons of why it represents the reality, but I will not. I will just say, that I saw the same principal in Strugatsky’s picture of the society in “Roadside picnic”.


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